Honorary Consulate of Mongolia - New Zealand
About Us

The Honorary Consulate was established in March 2007 when the Government of the Republic of Mongolia formally appointed Peter Allport, a Wellington based businessman, as the first ever Consular representative in New Zealand. 

This occasion was celebrated by a visit to Wellington of a delegation of Mongolian Parliamentarians, including the then Speaker of the State Great Khural (Mongolian parliament) Mr Nyamdorj and the Mongolian Ambassador in Beijing, Mr Batsukh

Mr Allport is a frequent visitor to Mongolia since his first visit in 1992, shortly after the current democratic constitution was passed into law.

During the 1990's Mr Allport was advising the Mongolian Government on economic restructuring and privatisation of state assets in the post-socialist era.

Since 2004, Mr Allport has been heavily involved in the private sector in Mongolia with business interests in mobile telecommunications, aviation, property development and management, pharmacueticals and medical equipment, wind power generation and investment.

The Honorary Consulate works in collaboration with all elements of the Mongolian Government and we have a particular interest in the following:-

  • Promotion of two-way trade, tourism and cultural opportunities between Mongolia and New Zealand.

  • Fostering opportunities for young Mongolians to further their education in New Zealand tertiary institutions.

  • Sourcing relevant experience and skills in New Zealand to assist in the further development of the Mongolian economy and society.

  • Assisting Mongolians who are either living in or visiting New Zealand.

Bayan Zag (The Flaming Cliffs) in the Gobi
where Dinosaur once roamed